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Simple by Design

This printer is powerful but still simple enough for easy trouble shooting. In most cases a technician will not need to be dispatched;a problem can be solved over the phone or by remote access.LED lights and digital readouts on the boards themselves can determine almost any issue within a few minutes. The power board has a series of fuses that are standard in any automotive store, rather than replacing an expensive electronic board, these fuses can be purchased locally for pennies. On this power board, a visible digital display shows the actual voltage being supplied to the entire electronic system. There isn't a single ink pump on this power print engine, making it truly one of the most advanced systems available anywhere. There is no need for a service contract for the RetroJet K3 DF or RetroJet R3-S series. They are built on a solid frame that will last many many years.

Uninterrupted Ink Supply (UIS)

Digitech's ink delivery system delivers ink to the print heads that has been degassed and unagitated since it was poured into the machine. The correct balance of air and ink volume ensures there is no fluctuation in the ink that is being supplied to the print heads. This allows for consistent jetting print after print; reducing the need for print head maintenance. We like to refer to the print heads as being happy. UIS gives you happy print heads which means you have a stable system resulting in consistent printing month after month - year after year.

Interactive Media Advancement

This allows for consistent media flow during the printing process. We know the roll diameters and torque settings (supply and take up) necessary to handle direct to fabric printing, therefore, we constantly calibrate from the supply and the take up – every media style can have different printing parameters. Any necessary adjustments can be monitored and applied through the software which eliminates the need for spreader rollers and/or dancer bar-type systems. This also insures that print lengths stay consistent for long images and paneling. The media feeding system only uses 5 ft. leads eliminating waste, ideal for those companies that print daily on multiple media styles. This is unique for a printer capable of printing very high resolution (consistently) at speeds over 1000 sq. ft. per hour.

Interactive User Interface 

The RetroJet user interface has all the tools needed for direct to fabric printing; color adjustments, densities, media handling, pausing, cropping, nesting, calibration readings, and a whole lot more. DigiTech has even written onboard RIP software that is designed to apply a penetration agent to images for even penetration on all colors. High resolution detail goes evenly to the back of the polyester. A three step adjustment allows for an impressively even passthrough without the need to over saturate; great for heavy flag, carpet, and some backlit applications (Available on the 3 head configuration). By popular demand, a “pause” button has been added in the software that allows for stopping and starting in the middle of a job. This allows for maintenance during those long runs (If lint or something on the media requires a short stop, the job isn’t wasted. The operator can simply push “pause” … clear or purge the obstruction and start back where the print was paused).


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